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All Prevegenics products are foliar applied. Putting nutrients directly on the leaves allows it to be systemically absorbed by the plant, quickly and efficiently. It is also a more effective and manageable way for growers to provide crops with the correct amount of nutrients, at the right time and frequency, during critical growing stages. This


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Plants need a well-balanced diet to stay healthy and perform well, just like we do. There are eight essential micronutrients all plants need for optimal enzymatic activities, chlorophyll and seed production, and natural plant defenses. When nutrients become unbalanced, plants become stressed, stunted, and more susceptible to diseases. The best way to address these crop


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Prevegenics products provide safer and more reliable foliar fertilizer products, using an innovative manufacturing process called HyGrow-Wik Technology™. It is the latest in systemic foliar chemistry that ultimately gives growers peace of mind through consistency and reliability. Within two hours of application, 80% of the foliar applied micronutrients are systemically absorbed in the plant. The


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