Plants need a well-balanced diet to stay healthy and perform well, just like we do. There are eight essential micronutrients all plants need for optimal enzymatic activities, chlorophyll and seed production, and natural plant defenses. When nutrients become unbalanced, plants become stressed, stunted, and more susceptible to diseases. The best way to address these crop issues is to properly correct the nutrient deficiency in a natural and highly efficient way. It’s no secret that healthier plants give us a higher quality and quantity of produce. Prevegenics products are a natural alternative to traditional treatments, which often only mask the problem and provide a temporary solution. Prevegenics foliar applied nutritionals use the least amount of elemental metal, allowing for the quickest and most efficient method to correcting and preventing deficiencies in plants. Furthermore, there are no byproducts to worry about like there are with conventional treatments. Growers can monitor crop nutrient levels using plant tissue analysis to target the proper amount, timing, and frequency their crops need to be healthy. At Prevegenics, we believe in correcting the deficiencies so all growers can experience the best plant health naturally.