Prevegenics conducts trials with University researchers and individual farmers. For example, in trials by Dr. Matthews Paret, UF, Cop-R-Quik® was effective in controlling Pseudomonas Syringae on watermelons. In greenhouse studies by Monica Ozores-Hampton, Ph.D., University of Florida/IFAS/SWFREC, Immokalee, FL, Cop-R-Quik® demonstrated its potential impact in the control of Bacterial Spot on Tomatoes. Work has been done on many other crops including carrots, turnips, onions, potatoes, citrus, peanuts, peppers, cotton, watermelon and pecans. Cop-R-Quik® has proven to be effective in a diversity of crops in suppressing a wide variety of plant diseases and has been particularly effective on Xanthomas. In some instances, such as with Citrus Greening Disease and Xylella, bacterial diseases are limited to the internal portions of the plant, and systemic treatments present the only possibility of an effective treatment. Cop-R-Quik® has proven to be effective in multiple trials with these systemic diseases.