Prevegenics products provide safer and more reliable foliar fertilizer products, using an innovative manufacturing process called HyGrow-Wik Technology™. It is the latest in systemic foliar chemistry that ultimately gives growers peace of mind through consistency and reliability. Within two hours of application, 80% of the foliar applied micronutrients are systemically absorbed in the plant. The high uptake and mobility of nutritionals is not something that is often available from other foliar products. Prevegenics products are highly mobile within the plant (found systemically) and are proven to stimulate important physiological responses to improve and maintain plant health – like better fruit set, size, and quality. Research shows that applying foliar fertilizers immediately increases a plants transpiration rate, during which the roots take up more water and nutrients from the soil, too. Growers can do more for their crop health, with less, using Prevegenics foliar nutritional products.