Quik Guide to Cop-R-Quik®

1. What are the top three qualities, or characteristics, of a good copper nutritional? Solubility. Solubility. Solubility. If it’s NOT soluble – it’s NOT acceptable. Most traditional copper pesticides are insoluble in water. The application of these products results in the characteristic blue coating that you see ON the leaf. While these products provide a coating ON the leaf, the copper is obviously not IN the leaf. These products have very little effect on copper levels INSIDE the plant. They eventually wash off the leaf, and inevitably wind up in the soil – NOT in the plant.

2. Which product contains the most soluble source of copper? Cop-R-Quik®. The copper in Cop-R-Quik® is almost five times more soluble than that of its closest competitor. The copper in Cop-R-Quik® is also very hygroscopic. Instead of moisture evaporating FROM the leaf surface, Cop-R-Quik® attracts moisture TO the leaf surface. Whereas the copper sulfate pentahydrate utilized in competitive products can potentially dry, precipitating ON the leaf surface, Cop-R-Quik® remains completely in solution, and in an active, available form until it is completely IN the plant. Because of this, Cop-R-Quik® has a higher level of consistency and outperforms other copper nutritionals.

3. In terms of environmental impact, which copper product is superior? Cop-R-Quik®. Where traditional copper products have been used extensively, toxic levels of copper eventually build in the soil. This requires the grower to maintain high soil pH levels so that the excessively applied copper is immobilized. Higher pH levels can adversely alter the soil chemistry, and result in the immobilization of other essential elements. The end result of this approach is less productive plants that are more susceptible to disease. On the other hand, virtually all foliarly applied Cop-R-Quik® goes IN the plant, where it performs essential tasks that only copper can do, and where it has NO adverse influence in the soil.

4. Cop-R-Quik® is a highly soluble, amino acid complexed copper. Why is that important? Two Reasons: First, the copper ion is positively charged (Cu+) and the leaf surface is negatively charged. As you might suspect, this combination has a detrimental effect on foliar uptake. Whereas small, uncharged molecules – such as urea – move quickly and easily through cellular structures, ionized copper does not move nearly as well. As part of an amino acid complex, however, the positive charge is neutralized, and the complexed copper moves more readily through the leaf surface, much like urea. In fact, within two hours, most of the copper is in the leaf. Second, the Cop-R-Quik® advantage continues after the copper enters the plant tissue. Because of its highly reactive properties, we know that the long distance transport of Cu+ in the plant most likely occurs in a complexed form with soluble nitrogen compounds – amino acid complexes – or , in other words, as Cop-R-Quik®. Cop-R-Quik® is indeed quick – and effective.

5. Is Cop-R-Quik® safe? Cop-R-Quik® has already been applied safely to tens of thousands of acre without a hitch – and the results have been impressive.

6. This all sounds good – but is Cop-R-Quik® affordable? Absolutely. In fact, the cost per acre will get your attention if nothing else does.
Cop-R-Quik® Quick – Effective – Safe – Affordable